We believe that bookkeeping is not just a matter of filing and processing invoices, it is a highly professional task that can never be done by rote. It is necessary to know the company, and constant communication and consultation with the partner’s financial responsible or manager is required in order to make the right and most advantageous decision regarding a given economic event or casualty, based on the right information.
In our work we do not use one standardised chart of accounts, but customise it to the individual needs of each company. We can produce a wide range of analytical statements, supporting the different needs of company leaders. We can adapt the chart of accounts and analytic statements to meet any tender requirements or foreign owner’s expectations. Accordingly, we can provide reports and chart of accounts in English and German.

Our office accepts invoices in digital format. Physically, paper invoices do not need to be sent to us, but instead need to be scanned and uploaded to a proprietary filing and document management web interface. The accounting and invoice processing is done from there.
Smart-docs is a proprietary filing-document management software where our customers are given an individual user account, can log in from anywhere, and can upload invoices continuously, without having to wait weeks or even the end of the month. The invoices are archived in a structured way, they are retrievable, they are stored by year and month.
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