Base price

100.000 HUF/month + VAT

Our base price is considering the following criteria:

We know from experience that there is no such thing as a “sleeping” company. Even if there is minimal revenue-generating activity, the “zero” must be declared on time (VAT, IPA, tao, etc.), chamber of commerce dues must be paid annually, and year-end accounts must be prepared. The equity structure can slip into negative, classic tax issues can arise, and even tax audits can be launched against the company. Our basic price includes representation before the tax authorities.

The factors that can modify the base price are, without being exhaustive, the following:

  • nature and sector of activity
  • annual revenue (for reasons of financial responsibility)
  • whether the activity is subject to VAT, generally exempt or mixed
  • monthly average of outgoing invoices (both cash and bank transfer)
  • monthly average of incoming invoices (both cash and bank transfer)
  • whether you have opted for an individual VAT exemption
  • whether the company is subject to KIVA or TAO taxing
  • its transactions are domestic and/or intra-EU and/or non-EU
  • monthly, quarterly or annual VAT declarations
  • number of employees
  • pay structure, staff turnover (whether there is a cafeteria, night shift premium, performance-related salary, etc.)
  • HR tasks other than payroll (attendance sheets, vacation registers, etc.)
  • whether you require monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual profit and loss accounts, reporting and data (if so, in what language)
  • whether cost center accounting is required
  • frequency of personal consultation (daily, weekly, monthly, annual))
  • number of branches, sites, shops
  • whether there is an obligation to declare tax on a company car
  • external reporting requirements e.g., because of bank credit, leasing etc.
  • other activities: securities trading, property rental, etc.
  • any other information or requirements relevant to the accountant

We can give you a quotation if we have the above information. Our pricing policy is based on the mutual win-win principle.

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