The green accounting company

Smartax Group

Who are we?

Our mission

Don’t print unnecessarily! We implement digital accounting at a high level.

Our motto

All you need to survive the tax challenge!

Our vision

Creating a “miracle machine“ where you just throw the invoices in and get the finished general ledger.

How do we work?

High quality accounting

We work with companies that don’t stop at simply processing receipts, but are looking for high-level and complex accounting and tax solutions. We offer expert solutions.

With ongoing cooperation

We consider every customer as our partner, because the basis of cooperation is a permanent, dynamic and mutual partnership. We help you find your way out of the tax maze and together we build the optimal accounting and financial framework for our partners.


All our staff aims to support our partners in the appropriate and professional way, even in the most stressful times. We believe that there is a simple solution to every complex problem, and that we can only find it together.

Year of foundation






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