We know from experience that payroll work is a complex task that requires attentivity and expertise. It is an integral part of the day-to-day running of an accountancy office, but what also needs to be acknowledged is that it constitutes a profession itself. As in accounting, communication between the customer and the payroll responsible on our side is one of the most important aspects of accurate work.

Our work is multifaceted, see the below selection of classic tasks:
– Regular monthly payroll,
– Employee and salary management,
– Payroll of various salary elements,
– Providing the monthly list of taxes and social contributions to be paid,
– Submitting tax declarations on time,
– Forwarding the payroll information to the accountant,
– Preparation of employment registers, statistics,
– Preparation of exit papers for employees,
– Assisting in the correct management of records (e.g., holidays and overtime, attendance sheet, daily rates, etc.)
– Payroll of “simplified workers” (one-day employees),
– Managing employee deductions, etc.

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