Tax consultancy

Accounting and tax advice go hand in hand. Without good fiscal skills, there is no such thing as a good accountant. In the life of a company, there are many situations where decisions with both cost and tax implications are inevitable. In such cases, there is never just one right way to go, there may be several options of which the risks need to be analysed.

In the life of a company, life can bring many everyday tax issues; e.g. buying a company car, company telephone, renting a property, renting out your own property, future planned investments, etc. Nowadays, even choosing the right business entity can save owners serious amounts of money. KATA, KIVA, cashflow-based VAT taxing, VAT exemption and many other options, which, if considered and discussed, can contribute enormously to the more efficient operation of the company.

We are able to help you with a variety of tax issues, not only for start-ups but also for established businesses. One of our strengths is optimisation of the operation of corporations, identifying their potential and draw attention to potential risks. If required, we obtain an official statement of NAV (Tax and Revenue Office) for a specific fiscal issue.

The accounting software we use is suitable for direct invoicing and also for integrating invoices generated by certain invoicing programs, facilitating the processing of large volumes of invoices as quickly and accurately as possible.
In addition to year-end reports, we also prepare consolidation reports and, if necessary, interim financial statements and reports. In addition, we also handle companies with a different business year schedule.
Our accounting software can be used for cost centre accounting or job number accounting, making it easier, for example, to group together individual revenues and the associated indirect and direct costs. This simplifies the grouping and retrieval of different costs according to a given system.
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